We want to simplify sustainable living

The world is changing quickly. Urbanisation, digitalisation and climate change bring with them both challenges and opportunities. More people need to share the same resources and the same space.

New technology gives us the tools to create new, intelligent solutions. We have a mission: Simplifying the many people’s lives so they can focus on living it. So when the world needs to be more sustainable, it’s our task to make the transition simple. 

Social sustainability

We want to contribute to safer areas by reducing unemployment, crime and social exclusion.

Reduce impact

When we set strict energy and environmental targets and work systematically, we create long-term sustainability. 

Affordable housing

We spend a lot of thought on the apartments’ design and use innovation to create new sustainable solutions in the long term. 

We aim to contribute to a more inclusive society

Ikano Bostad has had a long and significant history of social responsibility, primarily driven by our strong company values. Good corporate social responsibility is an important starting point in everything we do. Our method is based on participation, that we work together and base our actions on local conditions.

Within our property management team, we have acquired experience in social issues over many years. We have moved forward by trial and error, acted where needed and learned what works well and what is appreciated by our customers. This is something we bring with us and use in our new projects, where we always base our actions on the people who will be living in the area.  We want to include people and make them feel a part of a positive social development. We take on this responsibility because we know it’s both socially and economically sustainable.

Ikano Academy

This is our effort to provide youths aged 18 to 25 the opportunity to get a foot into the job market. The project does a lot of good, not just for participants, but for the entire neighbourhoods in Hagsätra and Grosvenor in Stockholm. We work actively to improve security in these areas. Partly by improving issues brought to light via our community walks, but also by increasing the general well-being through maintaining
green areas, painting benches, and more. Thanks to Ikano Academy, youths who are living in the area help making it better. That way, more people feel a sense of responsibility towards their neighbourhood.

Simplify to reduce impact 

Properties impact the environment all the way, from planning, construction and management to refurbishment and demolition. When we set strict energy and environmental targets and work systematically, we create long-term sustainability. In addition, we want to simplify sustainability in our customers’ everyday lives.

When we build new residential properties, we have certain basic requirements. For example, the majority of our projects comply with the requirements of the Green Building Silver certification system, in order to reduce our buildings’ load on the environment. However, we have chosen not to certify our buildings, unless a customer or a landowner specifically asks for or requires it. To reduce negative environmental and health impact, the materials and chemicals used in our construction projects will always be controlled based on their impact on the environment and human health. The materials we use should always be classed as either A or B according to the SundaHus certification system.

Everyone needs good housing 

We spend a lot of thought on the apartments’ design and use innovation to create new sustainable solutions in the long term. This way, we can create homes that more people can afford to live in, while making it easier to lead a sustainable lifestyle

Urbanisation is a fact – an increasing number of people must be able to share the same space in the cities. The need for smaller, more space-smart apartments is increasing. More space and more functionality in less space is our way of meeting urbanisation and the needs of our customers. Smart, space-efficient apartment layouts often result in less energy consumption per person. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions and is positive for the environment. Leaving less of a climate footprint, to put it simply. 

Repetition leaves space for flexibility 

In addition to building in a sustainable way, we strive to give our customers the opportunity to live sustainable themselves. Energy campaigns in laundry rooms, spaces for gardening and bicycle pools are some examples. In addition, we always work to develop space effective solutions that will reduce the energy consumption per person.