Our promise: on fair terms

Three basic values guide all activities at Ikano Bostad: daring to be different, working together, and let common sense and simplicity lead your way. These values help us deliver on our overall customer promise: on fair terms.

Customers, partners and employees should want to choose us for what we stand for. By living our values, Ikano Bostad continues to be the value-driven company that stands out in the housing market.

On fair terms

On fair terms means striking the right balance between parties concerning risks, work and profit. It also means being open and clear in our way of doing business. In our business relations, on fair terms stands for being a good partner. It is about being available, reliable, delivering what is promised and doing it on time. Ikano is a fair company, a fair employer and a good local neighbour.

"Fair terms to me in my work involves using a business approach based on a holistic and long-term perspective, competence, and sound business relationships. It also means trying to find the best total solution for our customers, our company, the market, and even society. To take responsibility. "

Linda Berg, Purchase Manager


Daring to be different

The freedom that comes with challenging old truths also creates expectations on us to deliver new and improved solutions. This is an effective driver in finding new ways to deal with the little problems we all encounter in our everyday lives.

"This specific core value is a main reason for my starting at Ikano Bostad – to work for a company where you are encouraged to raise questions and think in new ways. My work is about listening to our customers, take their needs seriously and really make an effort to find solutions that will help them in their daily lives. Daring to take a stand, go all-in and make a difference. To me, that's what it’s all about."

Lotta Sjödin, Concept Developer



Working together

We all have knowledge, experience and good ideas which we can learn from. Mistakes must be allowed as long as we learn from them and do our best to correct them.

”We work close together, and there’s always someone at hand to ask for help.”

Dalmar Nur, Caretaker



Common sense and simplicity

By keeping our feet on the ground and by using our common sense we can learn to make realistic judgments. At Ikano Bostad, we recognise opportunities, but also have the courage to stop activities without a future. Common sense means a practical business approach and a cost-conscious mindset.

"For me, simplicity is Ikano Bostad’s short decision paths and that co-workers dare to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Business in general, and interaction with customers and colleagues is rooted in mutual respect. This is how we want to be perceived and conduct our business. This, together with a sense of mutual trust within the organisation creates space for individual employees to also develop their inner compass, their common sense. "

Erik Ihse, Project Manager