Want to search for rental apartments?

Take a look at our swedish site where you can search for available rental apartments. You can translate the swedish page to your own language by using Google Translate by clicking Languages at the top right corner.

Everyone is welcome to rent an apartment through us

Here you can read about how to register your interest in an apartment and what to do when an apartment becomes vacant.

Things to consider for those who want to rent an apartment

  • You must be aged 18 or over.
  • You must not have any records of non-payment.
  • You must have a steady income of no less than four times the annual rent for the apartment in question.
  • We will always carry out a credit check on you.
  • As a rule, we take references from previous landlords.

Registration and application of interest

In order to apply for one of our vacant apartments, you first need to be registered as someone seeking an apartment. You do this by completing an application of interest on our swedish site, in which you state your personal data, preferences, etc. You will then receive a username and password with which you can log into your page on our web. Now you can submit applications of interest for one or more vacant apartments. Your submitted applications will appear in the Interested tray of your page.

Log in at least once every two months

Make sure to keep your user account updated. To ensure that your applications and preferences remain stored, you need to log into your page every two months minimum. Otherwise your account will close and you need to re-register as an applicant. Since we do not have a queuing system you don’t need to worry about lost queuing time.

If you log in from your mobile or tablet, make sure that your browser accepts cookies.

Good to know

  • Vacant apartments

    When a notice of termination is given on an apartment, we publish the vacant apartment on our Swedish website. The amount of time apartments remain on our website varies. In Stockholm, half our apartments on which notice has been given are allocated to Stockholm Housing Service (Stockholms bostadsförmedling).

  • What happens after your application?

    Once you have submitted an application of interest, you will be included in our lists of applicants for the apartment in question. We will then get in touch with you if you are eligible to be offered a viewing. 

  • The apartment has disappeared from my page

    If an apartment for which you have registered interest no longer appears in your Interested tray, this means we have removed the apartment from the website and that the letting process has begun. If you had the apartment in your Interested tray, you will be included in the list of applicants even if you can no longer see it.


  • Invitations to attend a viewing

    We do not operate a queue system. Instead, we choose the tenants that we think will be best suited to the apartment and property in question from all the people who registered an interest. The number of people invited to attend viewings varies from apartment to apartment. Anyone being offered a viewing will be sent an invitation by e-mail.

  • Viewing the apartment

    The apartment viewings may vary slightly from time to time. Usually we will arrange what is known as an open viewing, with employees from Ikano Bostad showing the apartment. In some cases, the viewing of an occupied apartment can be managed by the present tenant. Usually when this occurs it's for a small number of potential tenants. If the apartment is empty, it will always be our employees that you meet.

  • Who gets the apartment?

    When everyone has viewed the apartment and come back to us with a response, we take another look at the people who would like to rent it. We carry out a credit check, request references from previous landlords and ask for an employer's certificate that confirms their income and form of employment, if so required. If the household's total income does not meet our requirements, we may require a guarantor. 

    When we have decided who is to get the apartment, we get in touch by telephone and offer them a tenancy contract. Other applicants are notified by e-mail of the fact that the apartment has been let to another applicant.

  • Signing the contract

    We always meet our future tenants for contract signing. At this time, we review the contract together, give information about moving in and answer any questions they may have. All you need to remember before signing the contract is that you have to bring along valid identification.