Life as our tenant

Hello and congratulations! Having your own rental agreement on a home gives you a sense of security. Maybe you have already discovered the benefits of living in a rental apartment. Here we have listed basically all you need to know about moving into – and living in – your new home. 

As most things are included in the price of your accommodation, you will not have to sort out your own maintenance, service, and repairs. You can simply sit back and devote your time to more enjoyable things. We hope you enjoy living in your apartment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything you are wondering about, or if you need help with anything.

What do you want to know more about?

Moving in

Welcome as our tenant!

We are keen to make sure that you feel at home! Below are a number of points that you should bear in mind before you move into your new apartment, such as access, insurance, electricity supply, telephone and other things that will make your life simple and convenient. We have also provided a few simple rules for the comfort of all. All in all, we hope and believe that you will enjoy living in your apartment.


You gain access to your apartment by 12.00 on the day on which your tenancy agreement comes into force. If that day is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, access to the apartment will instead be granted on the first working day after that.

Household insurance

It is important that you take out your own household insurance. Ikano Bostad's insurance will not cover your belongings if you fall victim to burglary, fire, damage, or flood. This is also applicable to anything you store in your apartment’s storeroom.

Fire alarm

There should be a fire alarm in your apartment, but you have to make sure that it is working properly and replace the batteries when they are exhausted. If there is no fire alarm, submit a service report and we will install one.

Electricity supplier

Before you move in, you have to enter into an electricity subscription agreement. You can choose which electricity supplier you want to use. However, there is always a specific supplier for the fixed electricity network. Which suppliers are in your area you'll find 

Change of address

Remember to let everyone know of your change of address. The easiest way to do this is to get in touch with Svensk Adressändring. The four-digit apartment number that you should specify in your change of address notification can be found in your tenancy contract.


You can move your telephone subscription by calling your telephone service provider.

Payment of rent

Your rent must be paid at the latest on the last day of the month before the month to which the rent applies. We will send out three deposit cards for every quarter. You can also pay your rent by direct debit (autogiro) or e-invoicing (e-faktura) by contacting us or your online bank. Make sure you pay your rent on time!

If you have problems with rent payment, get in touch with us straight away. If you fail to pay your rent on time, you will be charged extra. Failure to pay your rent at all, or repeated delays with payment may even lead to you losing your apartment.

We take care of your home

As our tenant, you get the benefit of our property management. We have our own staff who are there for you as a tenant and takes care of the building you live in. Our job is to make sure you feel right at home. In addition to property management, we are responsible for:

  • inner and outer repairs
  • stairwell cleaning
  • renovations
  • recycling and waste disposal
  • inspection when you move out
  • security and property on-call and parking control through monitoring service
  • agreement with Anticimex (pest control)
  • cooperation agreement with the Hyresgästföreningen (Swedish Union of Tenants)
  • local administration office.

Service request

If you find that something is not working as it should in your apartment we ask you to report it to us.

Locks and keys

If your keys are lost or stolen, you must contact us immediately. Get in touch with your caretaker to find out what you should do, or submit a service request and we will get in touch with you. You will have to pay for lock replacement or new keys, if required.

How to pay your rent

When should your rent be paid?

Your rent must be paid, at the latest, on the last day of the month before the month to which the rent applies. We will send out three deposit cards every quarter. You can also pay your rent by direct debit or e-invoicing by contacting us or your online bank (see below for more information). Make sure you pay your rent on time!

If you have problems with rent payment, get in touch with us straight away. If you fail to pay your rent on time, you will be charged extra. Failure to pay your rent at all, or repeated delays with payment may even lead to you losing your apartment. We don’t send out any reminders.

Would you prefer to pay by direct debit?

Direct debit (autogiro in Swedish) is an easy way to pay your rent on time, eco-friendly and almost automatic. To start, get in touch with our support team in Lund who deal with rent notification issues for our apartment properties. Send an e-mail to containing your name, your home address, and your personal identity number, and our team will send you a form for direct debit approval.

Pay your rent via e-invoicing!

Another hassle-free rental payment alternative is e-invoicing (e-faktura in Swedish). Log onto your internet bank, and you’ll find instructions there.

Subletting your apartment

If you want to sublet your apartment, you have to comply with the rules specified in the Swedish Tenancy Act. Ikano Bostad must always approve your sublet. Read below what you need to prepare and bear in mind.

  • A written subletting request must be submitted to Ikano Bostad. Download it here.
  • Expect your request to take 4 weeks to process – you will receive a written response from us. Before you receive this response, you will not be allowed to begin subletting.
  • In your request, you must state why you want to sublet.
  • We approve sublets lasting from 6 to 12 months.
  • While you are subletting, you are responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid on time, that the temporary tenant behaves, and that there is no disruption.
  • You must enter into a sublet contract with your temporary tenant. Sublet contracts are available from e.g. bookshops or via Internet.
  • If we approve your request, a copy of the sublet contract between you and your temporary tenant must be submitted to us by the date on which the sublet commences, at the latest. Our approval will be invalid without this copy, and we may warn you in writing about your prohibited subletting. 
  • We need the name, personal identity number and telephone number of the person who will be subletting the property.
  • We also need to know where and how we can get hold of you during the sublet period.

Send your request for permission to sublet to your nearest letting office.

Not planning to return?

If you no longer wish to rent the apartment from us following the end of your sublet, a standard termination of rental agreement must be entered 3 months before the expiry of the period approved by us for the sublet.

If the person who sublet the apartment from you wants to stay there, they have to register their interest in the apartment on our website and will be treated like every other applicant. Subletting tenants have no right of first refusal or entitlement to their own tenancy contract.

Subletting without permission

If you sublet your apartment without our permission, this will provide grounds for termination of your rental contract.

Want to move to a different apartment?

Some people want a larger apartment, others want a smaller one. And some people might want to move somewhere else. We would be pleased to help you find an apartment to suit.

But remember: you have no formal right of first refusal to a different apartment. Your application will be handled in the same way as a "new request form". 

Substitution with residents of other property owners

If you want to change apartment with someone who lives in an apartment that is not owned by Ikano Bostad, you can request this by submitting an application for apartment substitution to your nearest rental office.

Your application for substitution should be supplemented by:

• birth certificate for those moving in

• current certificate of employment, including income, for the new tenants

• if the change involves more than two parties, a description/explanation of the multi-party switch should be attached, including phone number of the landlord/contact

• a copy of the current contract of those moving in, including the reasons for the switch.

Depreciation and subscription of the contract is done in our office. Both departing and new tenants should be present on this occasion, and be able to present valid identification.

Moving out

Would you like to terminate your rental contract? If so, you must submit a written notice of termination to your nearest letting office. Please bear in mind the following.

  • The notice of termination must be made in writing.
  • The notice of termination must include: name, personal identity number, address, and telephone number.
  • The notice of termination must be signed by everyone named in the rental contract.
  • The notice of termination should be sent by mail, or scanned and submitted via e-mail.

When only one of you wants to move

If two persons are named in the rental contract but only one wants to move, that person must terminate his or her part of the contract. If you have any questions, please contact your rental manager. 

What happens next?

When you have terminated your contract, there are a few things you have to think about and prepare before you move. 

What happens once I have submitted my notice of termination?

When you have given notice of termination on your apartment, you will receive a written confirmation from us by mail. This confirmation contains important information which you should read. For us to be able to rent your apartment to a new tenant, it is important for you to give us your telephone number in your notice of termination. We will either get in touch with you and book a time for potential new tenants to view the apartment, or else potential tenants offered the opportunity to view will be referred directly to you. It is important for you to make sure your apartment is available for viewing during the notice period.

When do I have to move out of the apartment?

You have to have moved out of your apartment by 12.00 on the first day of the month following expiry of your contract. The inspection and cleaning must be completed and approved by then. (If that day is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you have to have left the apartment by 12.00 on the first working day after that.)

How is the apartment inspected?

During the inspection, we will check to see if anything in the apartment is broken or has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear. If you want to rectify any problems yourself, you can agree on this with the inspector. Any problems which have not been rectified by the time of the inspection will be rectified by Ikano Bostad, which will then bill you for the cost.