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Purchasing a newly built apartment

A lot is new the first time you buy a newly built tenant-owned apartment. Not just the kitchen. There are many new words to understand, and the process differs somewhat from buying a home with previous tenants. To make things easier for you, we have made a good-to-know list.

  • You purchase your tenant owned apartment at a fixed price.
  • The cooperative association's economic plan is reviewed by two certifying officers from Boverket (National Board of Housing, Building and Planning).
  • When you buy a tenant owned apartment from Ikano Bostad, we start and follow up a cooperative association during the first year (from building completion). If any apartments remain unsold, Ikano Bostad purchases them from the association to not affect its finances.
  • The warranty period for construction work is five years. For some appliances, mixer taps and finishes, e.g. painting and wallpaper, the warranty period is two years.
  • Ikano Bostad acts as insurance/security for paid contributions.
  • Ikano Bostad ensures that the cooperative association signs an agreement covering financial and technical management.

You also get this when you buy an apartment from us

When you decide to purchase a home from Ikano Bostad, a little extra always goes into the deal.

Handyman help

Once you have moved into your new apartment, you have one hour of handyman labour at your disposal, free of charge (to be used within four weeks from time of access to the apartment).

Supplementary insurance for tenant owned apartments

Supplementary insurance for tenant owned apartments is included when you purchase an apartment from us. This insurance is a required addition to your home insurance policy when you live in tenant owned apartment. It's the cooperative association that signs the supplementary insurance; you do not subscribe to it yourself.

Interior design tips

You get tips and advice on interior design so that you can complete e.g. kitchen and wardrobes to suit your needs.

Purchasing a newly built apartment

  • 1. Reservation agreement

    Once you have selected an apartment, you sign a reservation agreement. You then pay a reservation fee of SEK 20 000. Now the home is reserved for you. The reservation fee, minus an administration fee of SEK 7 000, will be refunded if you decide not to go thorough. Ikano Bostad can then sell the home to another buyer.

  • 2. Prior agreement

    Once the cooperative association has drawn up a cost estimate and been authorised to receive advance payments, you sign a prior agreement. When this is done, you make an advance payment of SEK 50 000 to the association, less the 20 000 you have previously paid. At this time, we will run a credit check on you. We also want you to have a current loan commitment. Submit your loan commitment along with your application for membership in the cooperative association.

  • 3. Personal choices

    To add a personal touch, there are personal interior design choices you can make. Some are free and others will render and added cost. Our interior design catalogue and a meeting with us will assist you in making your choices. You must place your order of personal choices within a given period.

    The cost of your personal choices will be paid by 50 percent in connection with the order. The remainder is invoiced when you gain access. Personal choices are subject to a separate agreement between you and Ikano Bostad.

    Ikano Bostad guarantees both materials and workmanship in your apartment. Therefore you yourself can't bring materials or carry out work in your new home during its construction.

  • 4. Lease agreement

    You will sign a lease agreement as soon as the cooperative association's financial plan has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the association has been granted permission to lease the apartment. It normally takes about 36 months for you to gain access. When signing, you will also be asked to pay a deposit of 10 percent of the total purchase price (minus the SEK 50 000 that you have already paid).

  • 5. Payments and fees

    Due payments and fees can be found in the price list or in the economic plan. The annual fee is paid monthly in advance, with effect from the date of access.

  • 6. Final inspection

    Before you move in, a final inspection of your new home is carried out. Present during the inspection are an independent inspector, a representative from the association's board, and a representative from Ikano Bostad. You should also attend to be able to express your views to the inspector, and check your personal choices. Any and all faults will be noted and corrected as soon as possible.

  • 7. Access and final payment

    Any remainder of the purchase price is to be paid no later than the date of access. Before you get the keys in your hand, you must show proof of payment.

  • 8. Warranty inspection

    After two years, we conduct a warranty inspection of your apartment. We then check whether any deficiencies have occurred during the period between the final and warranty inspections. If anything is faulty, it will be rectified as soon as possible by Ikano Bostad.

  • General conditions

    Other conditions can be found in the lease agreement and the cooperative association's statutes, all of which are given to you in connection with the signing of the lease agreement.

Living in your new Ikano home

When you buy one of our newly built apartments, many benefits come with it.

To start with, you avoid the bidding altogether, and all the anxiety that entails. Instead, you buy your new home at a fixed price. Moreover, everything is new – not a trace after previous owners. Best of all, it is you and your family that give life to these rooms – the very first to make this a home

Rights and obligations

When you buy a tenant owned apartment, you also become member of a housing association. You and the other members jointly own the property and shared areas. You can never lose your apartment as long as the association exists and you meet your obligations.

The association's regulations

The regulations specify the rights and obligations that you as apartment owner and the association have towards one another. Usually, you are responsible for your apartment, while the association is responsible for other areas, such as courtyards, staircases, and common areas. The association is also responsible for pipes, cables, and other equipment supplying the property with heat, electricity, water, ventilation, and drainage.

You are responsible for your apartment

As the owner of your cooperative apartment, you are responsible for damage caused. You must keep the apartment in good condition and pay for the maintenance and repair of, for example, appliances, flooring, walls, doors, and ceilings. You can make any number of smaller changes in the apartment, but major changes require the permission of the board. These include interventions in supporting structures, alterations to the main pipes, and putting up awnings.

The board and annual meeting

The association holds an annual general meeting. By participating in the election of the board and leaving suggestions and comments, you have the opportunity to influence your accommodation and the decisions that are to be taken at the meeting. E.g. you can have your say about the cleaning of stairwells, planting of trees and shrubs, the utility room, and you can help decide what should be in the courtyard – swings, a sandbox, an outdoor grill or other.

Fees to the association 

Each month, you pay a fee to the association. The fee covers the association's operating costs.